Adding ARDK to Unity

How to import ARDK into Unity.


When using Unity 2020 on M1 Macs, an ARDK patch is automatically applied when importing ARDK into your project that disables some ARDK functionality. For more details see “Developing on M1 Macs” in Development and Runtime Requirements of ARDK and Troubleshooting.


The easiest way to add ARDK assets to a Unity project is to import it as a Custom package.

  1. In the Unity Editor, choose Assets > Import Package > Custom Package to open up a file selection window.

  1. Select the ARDK .unitypackage you want to import, and the Import Unity Package dialog box will be displayed with all the items in the package pre-checked.

  1. Click the Import button and Unity will place all the contents of the package in the Assets folder, which you can access from your Project View.