class ARImageDetectionManager (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.ARImageDetectionManager)


class ARImageDetectionManager: Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.ARConfigChanger {
    // structs

    struct InspectorImage;

    // fields

    IReadOnlyCollection<IARReferenceImage> RuntimeImages => _readOnlyRuntimeImages;

    // methods

    void AddImage(IARReferenceImage newImage);
    virtual override void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties);
    void RemoveImage(IARReferenceImage badImage);

Inherited Members

    // properties

    bool AreFeaturesEnabled;
    bool CanInitialize;
    bool Initialized;

    // methods

    void Deinitialize();
    void DisableFeatures();
    void EnableFeatures();
    void Initialize();
    virtual abstract void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties) = 0;

Detailed Documentation


IReadOnlyCollection<IARReferenceImage> RuntimeImages => _readOnlyRuntimeImages

Images that will be used in the ARSession’s configuration when it is next run, if this manager is enabled.


void AddImage(IARReferenceImage newImage)

Adds an image to RuntimeImages and, if this manager is enabled, request that the session be re-run.

virtual override void ApplyARConfigurationChange(ARSessionChangesCollector.ARSessionRunProperties properties)

Inheritors should override this to modify session configuration settings based on their script’s needs.


This is executed as a result of the ARSession being run, which may or may not be triggered by a call to RaiseConfigurationChanged().

void RemoveImage(IARReferenceImage badImage)

Removes an image from RuntimeImages and, if this manager is enabled, request that the session be re-run.