Experience How Our Partners Use Niantic Lightship
Changing how golf is played and experienced
Playing outdoors together is at the heart of what we love at Niantic, and our multiplayer tools are core to helping the PGA team and developer Trigger Global to create new shared-AR experiences. Through AR, the PGA brings something fresh and intriguing to generations of new players. This app will be available in 2022.
Bringing the creative world of manga alive
Manga published by the Japanese company Shueisha has been entertaining comic book fans for nearly 100 years. Their works have inspired countless animated films and television series, and now, with mobile devices and AR, the wonderful characters of “One Piece” and many other manga can exist in the real world as well. We are very excited to see developer studio T&S working with Shueisha’s creative world of manga to help it come alive in AR. The app will be available from Shueisha in 2022.
Building stories outside of the museum walls
The goal of making science more engaging and interactive outside of its walls led the Science Museum to Niantic Lightship. Using the app, the museum group will connect people to the science all around them through AR. The app will be available from May 2022.
Bringing music to life in new ways
Using Niantic Lightship, music goes beyond sound and turns into a visual metaphor outside of the speakers. AR allows people to engage and experience albums in a whole new way. It creates an AR experience that brings people out into the world to experience the music in a different light.
Enhancing in-person event experiences
For years, the Coachella team has wanted to have its beloved butterfly land on the Spectra tower, the seven-story rainbow walkway tower that made its debut at Coachella 2018. Thanks to Lightship that’s about to become possible. Using semantic segmentation, the Coachella app will include an experience for fans to witness a large-scale, beautiful butterfly behaving as if it is truly part of the real world. The app will be available for Coachella 2022.
Taking incredible stories and connecting them to a wider audience
Historic Royal Palaces is transforming the moat around the Tower of London into a new landscape, filled with flowers, starting in 2022. The group teamed up with BAFTA-winning developer Preloaded in London to create an AR flower experience so that everyone can see at the Tower and around the world. This is just one of many examples of how AR can bring a dose of beauty, whimsy, and history into our lives, while helping historic institutions reach completely new audiences.
Making mindfulness as accessible as possible
So much more than a meditation app, TRIPP is using Lightship to connect people across the world to a global wellness community. TRIPP is building an incredibly unique experience that explores the potential for a real-world metaverse to create a more connected, mindful, and better world. The app will be available in 2022.
Expanding artist's voices through technology
Superblue is a platform for the artist; Lightship is a platform for the world. Creating engagement and bringing artists' creations to life through digital interactions in the real world while expanding the mission of change that fuels the artists in a massive, meaningful way.